As your appointed Municipal Assessor it is my goal to provide you with the most fair and equitable property valuations possible.

To assist you with any questions you may have concerning the property assessment process my staff and I have compiled the information on this website as a public service. I ask, in return, if you find errors or inaccuracies in the information provided, you report them to our office.

While the data within this site is believed to be correct, no warranty is given or implied as to its accuracy. In accordance with Section 19.21(2), Wisconsin statutes, you are entitled to examine the public records and verify the information obtained to your own satisfaction.

Assessor’s Duties

The Assessor’s Office is responsible for the valuing of all non-exempt residential and commercial property in the municipality. It is our duty to ensure that all parcels within the municipality¬† are valued as uniformly as market trends dictate. By providing accurate and uniform values, the Assessor’s Office ensure that the burden of taxes is distributed in a fair and equitable manner. To accomplish this mission the Assessor’s Office uses assessment methods in accordance with the Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual, Wisconsin State Statutes Chapter 70, and professionally accepted appraisal practices.